Build White-labelled Academies for

Marketing, Onboarding & Training

Powerful online Academies for attracting audience, providing unique onboarding experience to Customers and turning new Hires in to effective Team members.

100% Customisable / Unbranded / Easy Setup

  Unlimited Courses    Unlimited Lessons    Multi-language    Restricted Access

Get more with Less effort

Comprehensive Learning Management Software

Inbound Marketing

Formulate Academy with informative courses to attract potential leads.

e.g. Attract audience with ‘Email Marketing for SaaS’  Academy, if you are running a marketing company.

Customer Onboarding

Build courses to educate customers to experience exceptional onboarding.

e.g. Provide access to ‘How to get most out of Acadle’ to the customers, if you are running a SaaS company like us.

Employee Training

Build pleasant journey for the new recruits by providing video lessons and increase productivity.

e.g. Automate training with ‘A complete guide to know Acadle’ when we hire new sales and support executives.

What’s new !

Issue Certificates
You can now create multiple certificates, with pre-built frames or custom frames and unlock to distribute automatically.
Live Courses
Allow pre-recorded videos or use third party Streaming tools to schedule and conduct live courses for your students.
Multi-language for Students
Acadle now supports almost all the languages, with the flexibility to edit your own labels for each language

Build and Deliver Together

Create courses and lessons as team and deliver the same experience to all


Unleash the real value of knowledge to explore the unfathomed depths of power. Embrace the modern-day technology to make a better choice and clear your path.


Pre-built widgets and SDK allows you to integrate the academy within your existing tool and control course access. Provide access automatically with APIs


Connect your favourite communication tools with your Acadle Academies to interact with your users in realtime. We have prebuilt integrations & options to add snippets.


If you want to stream videos hosted in YouTube,Vimeo, Loom etc. or documents and slides from third party sites, you can simply add via URL or iframe.

Establish Consistent Training

Handpicked Academy Titles

We have handpicked some of the Amazing academy titles which can be built with Acadle.

  • Digital Marketing Handbook 
  • Guide for B2B Digital Marketing
  • Step by step guide to launch a company
  • How to build an advanced twitter Strategy
  • Handbook for B2B SaaS marketing
  • WordPress training course
  • How to build a paid media strategy
  • Inbound Marketing Hacks for B2Bs
  • Introduction to eCommerce Marketing
  • Content Strategy course for B2C
  • Customer Onboarding Handbook for SaaS
  • Email marketing for Dummies
  • Explore possibilities outside the box with Zapier
  • Sales Management Training

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